Scrap Car Pirongia

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If you have a car that has been written off, or is damaged beyond repair and is looking unsightly lying in your backyard, get rid of it fast. At Auto Wrecker our Scrap Car Pirongia team buy any car for scrap, including wrecked cars, damaged, junk and/or non-running vehicles of any make, model and age.

Scrap Car Pirongia

With three car wreckers across North Island: Auckland, Hamilton and Wellington, we offer a fast and free car wrecking service to all Waikato towns.

Removing Old Cars From Your Property

Recycling old cars is our priority, it is simple we provide free car removal.
Don’t be surprised! As 5 Star Car Removal will remove any old vehicles and even pay cash for any vehicle make or model.

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Has your old car been sitting and looking unsightly? There is no reason to keep the vehicle when it does not start. Now is the right time to call us to come and remove the old vehicle.

What do you need to get a cash for cars offer?

The car makes and model as well as the year, condition, odometer reading and vehicle identification number (VIN) of your vehicle.

How to get a cash for Scrap Car Pirongia?

  • Contact us!
  • Accept or reject our cash offer.
  • Schedule a free car collection.  We will require a quick inspection by our car remover at the time we come to collect your vehicle.
  • Count your cash.

I don’t have the paper of ownership for my vehicle…

If you don’t have the title of ownership for your vehicle, we can still buy the vehicle.  Let our Scrap Car Pirongia appraiser know at the time you receive your offer and they’ll provide you with other options.